Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Looking for an easy way to help animals & children with needs for the 2011 Holiday Season? Feed the homeless, help a sick child from your home right now!!

Are you looking for an easy way to help kids and animals in need for the 2011 holdiay season?
You can help a hungry animal, a hungry family, a hungry child or teen.  You can help sick and abused kids for the holdays season easily from you home or work computer right now.

Go to  and you will see many links to help all sorts of people and animals who are less fortunate then you and I.

This is a great website to help  kids see and learn about helping others.  You can help several different kind of animals and birds.  You can help sick kids, abused kids, hungry kids, homeless teens as well as many specific illness to learn about and donate too.

This website makes no money, nor do you give money to this site.  It is a cute easy directory made for Parents, Kids and Teachers to help.

Enjoy!! Help others now.

We are also having a contest to replace a kids drawing on our website.  The contest ends in February.  Go to to see details.

Happy Holidays and I hope you reached out easily to help someone else.

Thank you

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