Friday, April 29, 2011

Help Kids Learn to Help People & Animals in Need - Great Family Time

Kids have so much these days.  Cell phones, computers, televisions with a zillion channels to choose from.  We are so fortunate here.   We forget that all over the world there are kids who don't have televisions, beds and warm homes.  It's hard to believe that around the word there are children who never has seen or touched a computer.  They have no phones and would not have a clue what texting is.    They biggest worry is a warm place to sleep or their next meal.

They don't have bikes and many toys like we did and our kids have.

We have created a wonderful websites for kids and parents to go to together and together help animals and other children all around the world with needs.

Enjoy family time with your kids as you see them learn about others and help them appreciate how good they have it.    Please visit website