Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What is Bullying?

To those being bullied.   Bullying happens to adults, teens and kids.  It is difficult at any age.  It does not make you weak or insecure or a bad person if someone is bullying you and you are having a hard time.  Tell someone.  I know people don't always listen and that makes it harder.

When you are being bullied sometimes odd things happen and when we tell others, they say we are reading into it too much or too sensitive etc.  That is crap.  Keep talking until you find someone who listens and validates your truth. 

People spreading rumors about you. Friends and strangers treating you poorly due to the rumors.  Being ignored and made fun of.  Internet harrassment, like hacking emails, writing blogs or facebook/twitter comments about someone, phone texts etc are all a part of bullying. It is harrassment.  It is wrong.

Many people have the strength and courage to reach out but then they have to deal with others judging them and not listening.  Being bullied then having to deal with how people react to you is difficult.  It is like a double whammy and you just feel lost and confused. 
Please believe in yourself.  Please keep reaching out until someone really HEARS you. 

If you have paper evidence to back it up or can print up stuff on the computer you are experiencing it  may be more of a chance someone will listen to you. 

To those that are being told by a friend, child or student that they are being bullied
Listen to them.  Most people don't walk around  making up these stories for attention, especially if they are ignored and not helped.  Would'nt you rather reach out and help someone at risk of they may be lying then to ignore someone in distress and something bad happens to them or they take their life.  It is a bigger chance they are telling the truth. 

Being bullied at any age, can hurt severely.  Not getting help or respect in your situation hurts and confuses someone to an extreme.  Don't ignore when people reach out for help. 

When you are bullied you feel alone.  The holidays are here now and for some people they can feel more alone. Reach out!  Care!

There are many websites on this page to help with this subject.  Find one that can help you.  Find one that can help someone you know.

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